It has been 4 weeks since my big race and I have focused on recovery and listening to what my body needs most.  It has been a time to think about what I  learned throughout this season of racing and what I want to accomplish next season. I have promised, myself and David,  not participate in any races from now through the end of the year.  I love racing so this has been a difficult commitment, but something that was really important to do. I need some down time, time to re-group, time to re-focus, time to spend with my family and dog,  and time to work on my weaknesses. I decided to try something new, Hot Yoga.  I really need to work on my core strength, abdominals, back, pelvic floor muscles, all the things most runners and triathletes are terrible at doing. I found an amazing yoga studio in Seattle (Breathe Hot Yoga) that not only has bikram yoga but a class called Hot Pilates. What is Hot Pilates, you ask. Hot Pilates is a challenging, full body, high intensity interval training workout performed on a yoga mat in a heated studio. I went to my first class and was immediately hooked. I have also started back at crossfit on a more regular basis. It is something I have been very passionate about since I started 5 years ago. I will slowly start to run and swim as I begin to think about my 2018 race season.

I have 2 for sure races on the calendar and the rest is still up in the air. SwimRun Lake James in Nebo, North Carolina on April 7 followed by the Boston Marathon about a week later.  I am super excited for both of these races. SwimRun will be a totally new experience for David and I and we are hoping to do a few more of these in 2018. It is an up and coming sport in the US and it is exciting to be a part of an inaugural race.

Who knows what other new adventures 2018 will hold, only time will tell. I will certainly keep you all updated on my race plans as they unfold, so stay tuned.

2 Comments on “Reflection

  1. Happy recovery and rebuilding 😉 Your SwimRun event sounds awesome! 🙂 Happy Holidays to you, David and your families!


    • Thank you so much Michelle for your support. Happy holidays to you, Marian and your families. Would love to see you in the near future!


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