Things I Love

David and I both love gear, well he loves it more then I do!  So why not share the things we love to use with our friends. These are all things I have purchased and use on a regular basis. If at any point in time I am gifted an item to review, I will certainly disclose that.

Topo Athletics  The ultraventure are my new go to trail shoes. These shoes are amazing!!  I still wear other brands from time to time (it is good to change things up) but these are a game changer for me. I was able to obtain a pair for half off and have always wanted to try them out, so I did. I love the ride, how they feel and the amount of cushion they provide. They are a 5mm drop, so not minimalist but not a hefty stack either. I will certainly be using these as my go to trail running shoes. I recently purchased the original ultrafly. road shoe. It was on sale for a great price so I couldn’t resist. I have run in them a few times and although I do like them, the trail shoes are my favorite. There is a newer version of the road shoe so I will be anxious to try those at some point in time.

Hoka One One I still like my Hoka shoes and find them great when I need super cushion but they have taken a back seat for me on the trail. I wear the Clifton road shoes and really like those for pounding the pavement.  They are a great company and make a great product.

Orange Mud   This is my new go to hydration pack for running. I had an issue with one of my previous packs so after meeting Josh, the CEO, I decided to try the Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L, V2.0. This pack is incredible. It sits higher on your back them most other hydration packs and that is one of my most favorite things about it. It sits high and tight to your back and whether you have a full bladder or half empty bladder, it does not move one inch. It has tons and I mean tons of storage space and even with it fully loaded it is super comfortable. This is now my go to running hydration pack and I don’t think I will ever look back! Thanks Josh and Orange Mud for making such a great product.

Rudy Project Sunglasses    I am extremely picky about sunglasses. They need to fit well, not slide off with sweat or running, not pinch behind the ears and have enough coverage so that I am not looking over the lens when I am in aero position on the bike. Oh and they need to be transition lenses, riding or running during our PNW winters you need to have glasses that are not too dark but provide good protection. That is a lot of criteria and Rudy Project has it all. I purchased my first pair back in 2006 and have used those on a very regular basis until just this year. They weren’t fitting as well after 10+ years and extremely heavy compared to newer glasses. So, I splurged and purchased a brand new pair just prior to racing Kona. That was one of the best decisions I made. They were so comfortable, hugged my face, no pain behind the ears or my head and I could wear them until the sun went down.

SuperFeet Insoles     I can’t say enough about this company. Now I have to say that my good friend helped start this company and still works there but I was using them prior to our friendship. I have had many issues with injuries over the years and 2 knee surgeries and finally discovered these insoles. When I first started using them there weren’t not as many options as there are now. They have branched out into sandals and shoes and custom inserts.  Not everyone needs insoles but if you do, I would highly recommend them. I wear them in almost all of my shoes these days and find that my feet and legs do so much better with the support. Interested in trying them out, shoot me an email for 25% off.

Hyland’s Homeopathy  For full disclosure, Hyland’s has sponsored me for the Boston Marathon (2017,2018) and now I work for them, but that is how much I love this company. I really believe this company has products that work. They believe in a holistic approach to their therapies and have been around since 1903. They make great cramp relief and muscle therapy products as well as many other great products for athletes and the general population. They are also the major sponsor of the Boston Marathon.

Go2 Socks These are some of the nicest, softest, compression socks I have ever worn. To top it off they are so super cute and have tons of colors and patterns. I sometimes have issues with compression socks, small feet and wide calves make for either a really big foot, with bunching at my toes, or super tight calf compression that is uncomfortable. Well, these are neither. The foot fits really well and the compression is just right. Interested in trying them out, shoot me an email for 25% off.

Tailwind Nutrition  I have a sensitive stomach, I always have. I have tried almost every product on the market and found Tailwind to be one of the most tolerable. I love the flavors (my favorite is Mandarin Orange), it is easy on my stomach and has done well with me for my long training and racing. It has become my go to nutrition for anything over an hour. I have not tried the recovery mix yet, but I think I will have to soon!! It sounds amazing!!

My Spring Energy Along with liquid nutrition I also use “gels”. Spring Energy is not your typical gel. It is real food, yes, real food for energy. So no added ingredients that you cant pronounce or recognize. It tastes amazing and is really well tolerated. I love their hydration mix and the recovery too.

This is just the start of my most favorite gear. I will slowly be adding to this and of course the links to purchase these things if you so desire. If there is any gear you want to know more about, just ask as I may have tried it or used it or have it in my bag of tricks.